A law many should know, most do, little think about on the road, and many are ignorant about. Myself included.

Now the law in question was actually addressed by myself last week with an article about pedestrians crossing the street. Now many were commenting on Facebook for and against my thought process. I supposed Saratoga Springs is shedding some light on which side of the argument is really the correct one.

I am completely wrong at least when it comes to the law according to my opinion stated last week when it comes to the law. Morally I am still holding my ground on the matter I witnessed last week. CLICK HERE for more on that story.

The official law about pedestrians crossing the street gives them the right of way but only in a crosswalk. This is regardless of a functioning or present signal. Moral of the story watch out for crossing pedestrians in a crosswalk and for pedestrians use your judgment and just don't assume a car will be able to come to a screeching halt.